Spray Everything!

Trees, Fences, Bushes, Walls , Decks, Screens, Lawn, Garden, Patio, Outdoor Furniture, Pool Deck for best effect. SEE VIDEO for Typical Application. Great for: Cottages, RV and Outdoor Events and the preferred product for Wedding Organizers. Mosquitoes can be up to 10,000 X times more sensitive to natural garlic oil than humans! Most home, cottage owners and Professional Lawn Care applicators traditionally apply about 3 applications of this water based, garlic oil based, 10-year proven, Canadian-made product a season. Garlic oil odour disappears within hours. Safe when used as directed for plants and pets.

Why is it so effective?

Mosquitoes are 10,000 times more sensitive to garlic than humans.

They will leave a treated area immediately! Their life-cycle normally takes place over a number of weeks within a 100 sq. m. area. There are dozens of species in Canada, some which can carry the West Nile Virus.

Farmers have been using garlic oil to protect cattle, horses and livestock for decades. The garlic odour dissipates quickly but the mosquitoes know it's there!


This Canadian developed and made product can help protect all your outdoor recreational spaces. Great for: home backyard, RV, cottage, BBQ events and pool areas. Professional sprayers, municipalities, parks, golf courses, outdoor weddings and northern lodges are all potential users of the product. 10's of 1000's of satisfied users across Canada to date.

Domestic Sizes:

MOSQUITO-Less 900ml "Ready To Use" Hand Pump Sprayer #4400.

For very small areas: decks, hot tubs, BBQ area, tents, up to 280 sq. ft. MSR $19.95.

MOSQUITO-Less 900ml Concentrate #1253-1.

Apply to larger areas of up to 3000 sq. ft. with hose or garden pump sprayer. Ideal for backyard, pool areas, cottage, weddings, RV site, marinas. MSR $39.95.

Professional/Commercial Sizes:

MOSQUITO-Less 20L Cube #1253-20 treats up to 1.5 acres, 205L Drum #1253-20, and 1000L Tote #1253-1000 for lawn care professionals, parks and events. PMRA#30680 Call 1-800-563-5947 for details.

Where to purchase in Canada: Retailers, leading marinas, chandleries, nurseries and pool supply stores.
Home Hardware
  • Domestic Hose End Sprayer, 900ml ,3000 sq ft #5047-146
  • Domestic Ready To Use, small area sprayer, 280 sq. ft., 900ml, #5047-144
  • Domestic Concentrate 900ml, 3000 sq. ft., weeks #5047-145
Canada Tire Corporation
  • Leading stores across Canada
  • Domestic Hose End Sprayer 900ml, 3000 sq. ft. SKU #059-1191-0
System Fencing
  • Domestic Concentrate 900ml, 3000 sq. ft., #602905

Canadian Distributors:

Lawn Life
  • All sizes of MOSQUITO-Less
  • Domestic Hose End Sprayer, 900ml ,3000 sq ft
  • Domestic Ready To Use 900ml, small area sprayer, only 300sq ft, #367-2342
  • Domestic Concentrate 900ml #367-3240
  • Commercial Concentrate Cube 20L #367-3241 & up to 1050L tote

GroGroup Advantage:

Halifax Seed Company Inc., NS
Eddi's Wholesale Garden Supplies,BC

GroGroup sizes:

Domestic Hose End Sprayer, 900ml ,3000 sq ft
Domestic Ready To Use 900ml, small area sprayer, only 280 sq ft, #367-2342
Domestic Concentrate 900ml #367-3240
Commercial Concentrate Cube 20L, up to 1050L tote

Natural Insect Control
  • Domestic Hose End Sprayer, 900ml, 3000 sq ft
  • Domestic Ready To Use 900ml, small area sprayer, only 280 sq ft #5049A
  • Commercial Concentrate 900ml #5049
  • Commercial Concentrate 20L Cube #5049B & up to 1050 L tote
Westland Ltd. All sizes.
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Eddi's Pierre Vachon 418-722-5469

For further assistance contact the manufacturer:

Alex Milne Associates Ltd, 1-800-563-5947

Developed for Quality, Value and Lake Stewardship



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Mackley Equipment, Sydney NS 877-562-7330
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